Bertrand Cavalier (1989, Montpellier, France) is a photographer living in Brussels, Belgium. In 2013, he obtained his bachelor degree at ‘Le 75’ School of Art in Brussels and is currently studying the master in photography at the Kunst Academy of Antwerpen.

In 2012, Cavalier contributed to the publishing of the self-made book La Grotte. The success of the publication gave birth to the photographers collective called by the same name. The group work and the book form are the main activity of the collective.

Bertrand Cavalier had exhibitions at La Jeune Création (Paris), Fotofilmic (New-York, Boise, Vancouver, Seoul), Mayer Van Den Bergh Museum (Antwerpen), Extra-City (Antwerpen), Biennale de l’Image Possible (Liège) and Le Botanique (Brussels) among others. Award include the Fotofilmic jury prize.

bertrand cavalier

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la grotte, collective